NEWS !! 

We found out that Homecoming is starting August 2 this year which is not at all what we expected. There is probably a formula how it is placed. We may branch out on our own and have it July 26 or stick to the regular participation in Homecoming Week Festivities. Now that I am writing, I feel our advertising businesses appreciate being a part of Homecoming so that is probably what we need to do. I should be happy with more rehearsal time but I'm more concerned about who is and isn't available.

They're Here!

Ten bundles of joy delivered November 4.

Cleo and Max are very proud parents, not that Max gets to even sniff them at this point. Is a German Shepherd Puppy in your future?

Sing in the New Year V          12/31/2018                   3pm

Rehearsals have started for our New Year's Eve Concert and Sing a Long.

I have added some wonderful new numbers and hope you consider singing with us. 

If not, I do hope to see you at the concert on the 31st starting at 3pm, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your celebration. The program includes varied musical styles with something for everyone.

We invite our audience to sing between our concert groupings. It is terrific to hear the collective sound in the great acoustics of the beautiful St. Mary's Church.

SITNY IV is a heartwarming, innovative event to commence your New Years Eve Celebration.

Following the Concert, you are all invited to our cider and cookie reception in the lower Church. 

Gospel Spiritual Mass Sunday August 27 at 5pm

If you are spiritually inclined, Virtuous Voices will be presenting Gospel Spiritual Music at the 5pm Mass at St. John the Evangelist at 11 New Balch St. Beverly.

Some favorites like Everytime I feel the Spirit and Amazing Grace will provide an uplifting experience for all.

Top Opera Brilliant Broadway Performance was beautiful - wonderful to see you there

Virtuous Voices of Beverly achieved another great success!

Thanks to all who came to the Mitchell Memorial Shell at Lynch Park.

This great event was sponsored by The Beverly Recreation Department, the Beverly Homecoming Committee, many local business supporting our efforts through their program ads and our wonderful performers who not only lent beautiful voices but also generously purchased ads to help cover costs, making it all possible. Thank you to Dog Spa, Padget Business Services, Archer Insurance, Nanci's Memory Lamps, Organic Garden Cafe, Maestranzi Bros., Thomsen Construction, Lark Bolduc CPA, and the Wild Oats Health Food Store,

A beautiful program sings for itself but add the Virtuous Voices Community and the warmth glows in the tones produced. Thank you to all who sang and to all those who attended and thank you to the Beverly Catholic Collaborative for the blessed environment.

Rehearsals continue every week now for our July 28th performance of Top Opera Brilliant Broadway. All Singers are welcome.

Our new Performance is this week - May 13, 2017 at 5:00.

The best title as you can see is 

"Songs at the Pearly Gates"

We will perform beautiful music for a farewell service.  This is created to inspire choices.  It might seem hard to think about but it is a certainty so we may as well open ourselves to some musical options.

Hope you are available to come hear this lovely program.

Sing in the New Year 3! (SITNY 3)


We have been busily rehearsing since fall for our New Year's Eve Concert and Sing a Long.

If you haven't come before, it's a terrific event encompassing varied musical styles.

Our audience also has opportunities to participate singing in the musical enjoyment.

Breath and sing your heart out.  That's what we do as a Virtual Voice Vocalist.

The atmosphere at St. Mary's is nothing short of Majestic.

SITNY 3 is truly and event not to miss and a delightfully innovative way to embark

on your New Years Eve Celebration.

Following the Concert, you are all invited to our cider and cookie reception in the lower Church. 

Top Opera Brilliant Broadway 2017


We look forward to another spectacular summer Concert at the Shell at Lynch Park in the end of July.

We typically perform at the beginning of the Homecoming Celebration the City of Beverly holds each year.

Our Choir enjoys a challenging program of well known Opera and Broadway Choruses. Well, there may be some lesser known choruses and solos as well.  I know the evening is always entertaining at a beautiful seaside venue with a soothing vista of the setting sun.  More info to come in the New Year.

Virtual Voices Members (or Vivoobers)


We welcome new singers of any level to join the Choir.  Virtual Voices is a learning choir where members practice weekly throughout the year in a relaxed environment. You will work on and strengthen breathing, relaxation, vocal techniques, musical notation and sight reading.  Weekly rehearsal classes take place on Mondays at 12:30 and Thursdays at 11:00.  Additional times, (typically Wednesday Evenings at 7 alternating with Saturday Mornings at 10 or 11) are added in the months prior to concerts. Our singers come to one a week or as many as you would like to attend.

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